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Charles Geisler, Gail Daneker

Property and Values: Alternatives to Public and Private Ownership

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ISBN: 1559637668
Издательство: Island Press
Property and Values offers a fresh look at property rights issues, bringing together scholars, attorneys, government officials, community development practitioners, and environmental advocates to consider new and more socially equitable forms of ownership. Based on a Harvard Law School conference organized by the Equity Trust, Inc., in cooperation with the American Bar Association's Commission on Homelessness and Poverty, the book: explains ownership as an evolving concept, determined by social processes and changing social relations challenges conventional public-private ownership categories surveys recent studies on the implications of public policy on property values offers examples from other cultures of ownership realities unfamiliar or forgotten in the United States compares experiments in ownership/equity allocation affecting social welfare and environmental conservation The book synthesizes much innovative thinking on ownership in land and...
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