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Craig Boulton

Student Turns Professor: A Pragmatist's Essays on Topics in Economics & Finance

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ISBN: 0595198635
Издательство: Writers Club Press
The book is a collection of nine papers on disparate topics in finance and economics. Topics range from the development of a supply and demand model for common stocks to the centuries old conflict between mercantilism and liberal trade regimes. One essay goes to great length in critiquing the conventional notion that inflation solely derives from monetary policy using the past 30 years as an illustrative example. Throughout the text, the author continually attempts to merge the world of finance with that of economics, while coupling both with historical experience. The author additionally brings his own long-standing practical experience in the financial markets to point out where academic wisdom doesnA?t quite mesh with market realities. The collective contents, in conjunction with other work, resulted in the author being elected to Beta Gamma Sigma A? the business school equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa. Since the author is first and foremost a pragmatic...
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