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Paul Barton

Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and Practice of Panafrican Economic, Racial and Cultural Selfpreservation

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ISBN: 0595182461
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Susu and Susunomics: The Theory and Practice of Pan-African Economic, Racial and Cultural Self-Preservation is one of the most powerful and effective books ever written on one of the oldest economic systems practiced. The Book is the second part of the Susu series. It discusses the practical means of developing what is required for the building of strong economic, social and cultural power in African-America as well as the rest of the Black world and the world of those striving to improve their economic, social and cultural conditions. Susu and Susunomics shows how communities such as refugees from World War II Europe and Afro-Caribbean people have used susu and economic nationalism to build up collective and individual wealth through unity, cooperation and the pooling of their resources. Susu and Susunomics discuses the form of susu economics practiced by Koreans, Black West Indians and others. It also stresses the point that in many northern cities beginning as early...
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