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John Bates Clark

The Distribution of Wealth: A Theory of Wages, Interest and Profits

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ISBN: 1410201554
Издательство: University Press of the Pacific
John Bates Clark (1847-1938) made important contributions to the economic debate of his time. In The Distribution of Wealth: A Theory of Wages, Interest and Profits, he developed the "marginal productivity" concept and the "product exhaustion" thesis behind the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution, which he was the first to develop in 1889, from which he then extrapolated enormous ethical conclusions. Clark believed that this theory was not only a correct theory of market incomes but demonstratedthat market outcomes were just. In this book Professor Clark made the theory of marginal productivity clear enough that we take it for granted today. His work remains illuminating because of its classic explanations of the mobility of capital via its recreation while it wears out, the difference between static and dynamic models, the equivalence of rent and interest, the inability of entrepreneurs to "exploit" (meaning, underpay) labor (or capital) in a competitive market economy, the...
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