Обложка книги The Political Economy of Inequality (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought (Paperback))

The Political Economy of Inequality (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought (Paperback))

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ISBN: 1559637986;
Издательство: Island Press

The disparity in wealth both within and between nations has grown rapidly in recent years, and is becoming an increasingly significant issue in attempts to deal with environmental problems - from international negotiations over climate change to localconcerns about environmental justice. The Political Economy of Inequality offers an in-depth examination of the economic theory behind the causes, consequences, and cures for inequality. The volume brings together disparate analyses of inequality in economic and related fields, identifies areas where more work is most needed, and lays the groundwork for an integrated understanding of the causes and consequences of inequality in the United States and the world. Sections cover: the distributionof earnings the distribution of wealth celebrity and CEO incomes the effects of corporate power poverty, inequality, and power household roles and family structure skills, technology, and education ...

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