Обложка книги Tourism Reassessed: Blight or Blessing

Tourism Reassessed: Blight or Blessing

ISBN: 0750647051; 9780750647052;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 160

Tourism Reassessed: Blight or blessing? provides a balanced assessment of the effects of tourism on 20th century life and evaluates its significance in international relations. Inspired by Sir George Young's book, Tourism: Blessing or blight?, published 25 years ago, this book places tourism firmly within its wider context. Tourism Reassessed sees tourism as: · A factor of international relations · A facet of the global economic order It takes a new approach by examining the place of tourism in the global political economy, analysing both how far it is shaped by the political-economic system and its own role in shaping that system. Tourism Reassessed is ideal for educators and researchers in tourism and all those studying or interested in the subject. Policy makers in governments and international and national organizations in tourism and related fields will find this essential reading. Presents a holistic view of tourism and...

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