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M. Estellie Smith

Trade and Trade-offs: Using Resources, Making Choices, and Taking Risks

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ISBN: 1577660927
Издательство: Waveland Pr Inc
What do globalization, the abortion debate, and the decision one makes about what to do about dinner have in common? This and other questions that arise from the necessity of individuals and groups to deal with the who, what, where, when and how of production, distribution, and consumption are addressed in this provocative and witty publication. Street- wise and jaded undergraduates will end up taking a fresh look at their everyday lives and the larger world they will someday manage. Casting aside the idea that "economic" deals only with things that can be measured with money, Smith encourages people to think not just about dollars but also about sense. The emphasis is on the sociocultural costs and benefits involved in making choices. Readers are challenged to rethink many of the usual ways of understanding such everyday concepts as property, capital, poverty and affluence, distribution and exchange, power and authority, rights and privileges versus duties and responsibilities, and...