Обложка книги Value Theory and Business Cycles

Value Theory and Business Cycles

ISBN: 0894990675;
Издательство: Books for Business

Value Theory and Business Cycles was originally published in 1933 during the great depression. It is the purpose of the present study to show the vital relation between business cycle theory and value theory. In fact, the study is intended to contribute quite as definitely to the economics of value as of business cycles. Section I deals with embodied value theory and price movements. Section II deals with business cycles in relation to the marginal utility theory of value, as developed by the Austrian School. Section III deals directly with the problem of business equilibration, showing how certain forces contribute to instability, and suggesting ways and means of the achievement of greater business stability. The positive argument in this work may followed quite successfully by reading the first chapter in Section I and then proceeding directly to Sections II and III. This book covers such topics as ? Why production does not finance consumption; Why...