Обложка книги Wireless, Inc.

Wireless, Inc.

ISBN: 0814407250;
Издательство: American Management Association

Companies of every size and type can do business more efficiently by integrating mobile communication technology into their existing strategies. Wireless, Inc. presents the methodology the author has used to help countless companies develop theirwireless strategies and tactics. The book combines the author's expertise with examples from almost 50 vendors and organizations who have assimilated wireless solutions into both daily operations and long-term objectives. Each chapter expands upon specific strategic and tactical components of the author's system, forming a complete picture of how organizations can: * improve their communication with customers, prospects, resellers, and others with whom they do business * calculate the ROI fortheir wireless applications * integrate wireless tactics with business tactics such as branding campaigns, PR, research, and asset management. Complete with a step-by-step guide to creating a business plan for mobile strategy, this...