Обложка книги Women and Globalization

Women and Globalization


ISBN: 1591021626;
Издательство: Humanity Books

Despite promises from Western policy makers and financial institutions that capitalist globalization will eventually improve the economic welfare of all nations, overwhelming evidence thus far indicates that it has not only succeeded in enriching the fewat the expense of the many. It has also created an international division of labor in which a female proletariat, composed primarily of women of color, is consigned to the lowest-paid and least secure jobs with the worst working conditions. Delia D. Aguilar and Anne E. Lacsamana have assembled a provocative collection of articles showing the various ways in which the neoliberal agenda of globalization has drawn women into productive labor and in the process radically reshaped their lives in the reproductive sphere. Implemented primarily through the structural adjustment programs required by international financial agencies, neoliberalism has intensified women's exploitation on the assembly line and spawned an unprecedented diaspora...