Обложка книги The Vested Interests And the Common Man

The Vested Interests And the Common Man

ISBN: 1596051493;
Издательство: Cosimo

Book DescriptionIN THE VESTED INTERESTS AND THE COMMON MAN, long considered a classic text of economics, Veblen discusses various financial transformations within the historical unfolding of capitalism and examines the value of free enterprise in general. It emphasizes the automation and the loss of direct human relations within the industrial arts as well as social repercussions of capitalistic industry.Download DescriptionIt would also be extremely difficult to make allowance for this deduction, since much of it is not recognised as such by the men in charge and does not appear on their books under any special descriptive heading. In one way and another, and for divers and various reasons, the net production of goods serviceable for human use falls considerably short of the gross output, and the gross output is always short of the productive capacity of the available plant and man power.