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Kenneth Kaoma Mwenda, Kenneth K. Mwenda

Banking and Micro-Finance Regulation and Supervision: Lessons from Zambia

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ISBN: 1581126050
Издательство: Brown Walker Press (FL)
This book examines contemporary legal and policy issues facing banking and micro-finance supervision and regulation in Zambia. The book sets out an interdisciplinary exposition of the law. It provides an interface of financial services law and practice. Relevant aspects of business management and economic theory are examined as well. The book attempts to permeate intellectual spheres that have not been explored in depth before. In essence, this is not a simple textbook on the introductory aspects of a particular field of law, as is often the case with many books that have titles such as "Introduction to Business Law" or "Fundamentals of Tort Law", and so forth. By contrast, the book breaks new ground in the area of financial services regulation. Indeed, a law in context approach is presented, giving added value to the field of knowledge in the book.
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