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Robert H. Smith, Michael K. Crowley

Dead Bank Walking: One Gutsy Bank's Struggle for Survival and the Merger That Changed Banking Forever

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ISBN: 1886939330
Издательство: OakHill Press
Dead Bank Walking is a stunningly candid portrait of the historic merger between Security Pacific Bank and Bank of America, a combining of two giants that set in motion the fever of banking marriages we now witness. This book not only answers the WHO, WHAT and WHY of the mega-merger, but stands alone as an object lesson on all mergers. It evokes the humor and frantic chaos surrounding a deal that is still regarded as either a brilliant coup or a tragic swan song to banking sovereignty and independence.In Dead Bank Walking, Robert H. Smith, former Chairman and CEO of Security Pacific (and later President of Bank of America) spins a tale that will enthrall business people and mesmerize readers who never thought they could be interested in an epic about bankers. Part business thriller and part interpersonal drama, the story details the final paroxysms of a 120 year old institution revered by Wall Street for its leading edge thinking and entrepreneurial spirit--until it got into trouble. ...
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