Обложка книги Pocket Gde Fin Prodcts Service

Pocket Gde Fin Prodcts Service

ISBN: 078631110X;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

This unique, compact resource provides all bankers the essential tools they need-product information, customer profiles and a cross-selling checklist-and puts it right at their fingertips. A full variety of banking and financial products are detailed, helping to target customers and plan the next steps in building the relationship. A Pocket Guide to Financial Products and Services is an ideal resource for training, self-study and front-line use. It breaks down each product three distinct ways: The Product Description lists the characteristics and uses of each product, helping readers meet the needs of customers as well as developing solutions; The Customer Base identifies the potential users of the product, offering detailed descriptions including age, income, occupation, etc.; The Cross-Sell automatically identifies the other products that a customer might be interested in, leading bankers into one prospective sale after another. Dwight S. Ritter is the founder and CEO of the Ritter...