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Michael A. Stegman

Savings for the Poor: The Hidden Benefits of Electronic Banking

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ISBN: 0815780931
Издательство: The Brookings Institution
Beginning this year, federal payment recipients will receive their government benefits through electronic funds transfer (EFT) what most of us call direct deposit. Although cost-cutting is the driving force behind the move to a virtually all-electronicfederal payment system, Michael Stegman believes the initiative has a far broader potential: to bring poor Americans into the banking mainstream. In this book Stegman outlines how many families will enter the mainstream banking system through EFT 99, as the program is called. He explains in careful detail the thinking behind the shift to EFT and the implementation of the program this year. He also argues that, for maximum success, EFT '99 should be combined with a program of national Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), dedicated savings accounts for low-income people that can be used for purchasing a first home, acquiring more education or job training, or starting a small-business. Essentially, EFT '99 will bring people...
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