Обложка книги The Bankers: The Next Generation

The Bankers: The Next Generation

ISBN: 0452272645;
Издательство: Plume Books

Twenty-two years ago, Martin Mayer's original and bestselling The Bankers took readers into every corner of the banking industry. Since then, everything to do with money and banking has changed dramatically. Computer-driven data processing has led to new kinds of financial instruments, new opportunities for profit and loss, new relations between banks and their customers, and new affiliation between government and banks. Businessmen and householders need a new road map to banks' new abilities, challenges, and pitfalls. Mayer's completely new, completely rewritten 1997 edition on banking's immensely changed world answers that need. Among the many subjects explored in this timely book are: The extremely fluid nature of money in an electronicage The changing economic role of banks and other financial service institutions The perilous voyages of today's banks on seas of computerized trading The two-trillion-dollar-a-day flow of wholesale payments The...

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