Обложка книги The International Financial Architecture: What's New? What's Missing

The International Financial Architecture: What's New? What's Missing

ISBN: 0881322970;
Издательство: Institute for International Economics

Shortly after the Mexican crisis of 1994-95, the major industrial countries undertook to strengthen the international financial architecture. They sought to reduce the risk of future crises by increasing the availability of information about economic conditions in emerging-market countries and strengthening the financial systems of those countries. They sought better ways to manage future crises, including ways to involve private-sector creditors in crisis management. In this book, Peter B. Kenen reviews the reform effort and assesses the results. He shows how the effort was influenced by the Asian, Russian, and Brazilian crises. He compares the results of the effort with the more radical recommendations of outside experts and of the Meltzer Report and examines the implications of the reform effort for the role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Kenen finds that there have been useful innovations but calls for bolder efforts aimed a t five objectives: (1) increasing the...