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Chien-Hsun Chen

Banking and Insurance in the New China: Competition and the Challenge of Accession to the Wto (Advances in Chinese Economic Studies Series)

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ISBN: 1843764806
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionFinancial reform has been a major concern for China?s transitional economy - especially in the realms of banking and insurance - since accession to the WTO in 2001. This book scrutinizes the development and limitations of these industries during the process of institutional transformation, and demonstrates that they are now facing severe challenges as well as opportunities. The relationships between the market structure, behavior and performance of China?s banking and insurance industries are analyzed. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threat (SWOT) approach is utilized in investigating the impact of WTO accession on Chinese banking and insurance, and strategies for the prevention of future financial crises are prescribed. Exploring the juxtaposition of institutional transformation in China and the financial risk inherent in the old system, the book concludes that with WTO accession and the opening up of financial services to foreign...