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Jerry McCaffery, L. R. Jones

Budgeting and Financial Management in the Federal Government (Research in Public Management, V. 1)

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ISBN: 1931576130
Издательство: Information Age Publishing
This book is more ambitious in its scope than originally intended. In the beginning we were simply attempting to write a textbook for use in our public budgeting and financial management course at the Naval Postgraduate School because we could not find another book that covered all that we wanted to teach to our students. However, as we wrote pieces of the book over a period of years, we realized that it would be possible and desirable to produce a book with much broader coverage and relevance. Budgeting and financial management in the U.S. federal government is highly complex and highly differentiated, e.g., in the processes employed by the Executive branch versus those used by Congress. In this book we attempt to cover the processes of both the Executive and Congress and the relationships between the two. The book provides views from several perspectives, e.g., managerial and political. We attempt to provide readers with an understanding of how federal budget and financial...