Обложка книги Transport Pricing of Electricity Networks

Transport Pricing of Electricity Networks

ISBN: 1402074557;
Издательство: Springer

Book DescriptionTransport Pricing of Electricity Networks aims at providing a methodological and practical transmission tariff guide, to those who are involved in the electricity business as managers, engineers, lawyers, economists, regulators or policy-makers, but are not specialists in electricity transport, nor in tariff-setting for public utilities. It offers a synthesis of the recent economic research on the subject. The volume is divided into three major parts, each presenting a general aspect of transmission pricing: its legal and accounting background, its basic theory, and its implementation, successively. How much does it cost to transmit electricity from a nuclear plant close to Lyon in France, to a car manufacturer located in Stuttgart in Germany? What price should a system operator in Canada charge a pulp and paper mill that uses the high-voltage grid for only a few weeks per year? Where in California is it more profitable to reinforce or build a new transmission line?...