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Scott B. Smart, William L. Megginson, Lawrence J. Gitman

Corporate Finance With Infotrac College Edition

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ISBN: 003035076X
Издательство: South-Western Educational Publishing
Smart, Megginson, and Gitman have created a technologically sophisticated, yet easy to use, book on Corporate Finance. Corporate Finance, 1e, has video interviews with leading scholars such as Myron Scholes, Jay Ritter, Ken French, and many other financial luminaries, along with video clips with business executives from high profile companies such as Intel, Goldman Sachs, and Ford. Practitioners explain how they apply financial theory to solve real business problems. Real-world examples from more thana dozen countries reinforce an applied, global perspective. Understand the nuances of financial theory and how theory is currently evolving using the different videos, integrated flash animated concept tutorials and problem solutions. For example, flash animations allow review of complex topics from portfolio theory to hedging to option pricing. Smart, Megginson, and Gitman created the animations and the videos and integrated them with the flow of the textbook rather than simply...