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Michael A. Hitt, Raphael Amit, Charles E. Lucier, Robert D. Nixon

Creating Value: Winners in the New Business Environment

Обложка книги Creating Value: Winners in the New Business Environment

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ISBN: 0631235116, 9780631235118
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 280
In this volume, leading experts from the fields of entrepreneurship and strategy explain how to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and how to exploit these opportunities in the context of today?s turbulent and volatile business environment. At a time when new winners are emerging quickly and unexpectedly, while established leaders are declining or disappearing, the contributors illustrate how to tackle current business challenges with effective strategies that create value. The volume is divided into two parts: the first focuses on identifying entrepreneurial opportunities; the second on exploiting these opportunities for wealth creation. Within each part, individual chapters address emerging issues in strategic management and entrepreneurship, such as value drivers for new business models, and the use of real options and knowledge creation in high velocity environments. The strength of the book is that it focuses on the cutting edge ideas and imaginative strategies that...