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Philip McBride Johnson

Derivatives: A Manager's Guide to the World's Most Powerful Financial Instruments

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ISBN: 007134506X
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
As a corporate manager or executive, you probably have little contact with the actual day-to-day trading of derivatives contracts. Regardless, your oversight responsibilities place your career directly in the hands of aggressive derivatives traders. Do you really know what they're up to? DERIVATIVES is the first and only book written for the manager who is not a derivatives expert but is responsible for the experts. Concise, uncomplicated, and often entertaining, it gives you a basic understanding and appreciation for these complex yet powerful financial tools. DERIVATIVES isn't another "how to trade" book. Instead, it eschews technical jargon and mathematical formulae to show you "how to survive" when derivatives inevitably cross your professional path.Real life examples of derivatives disasters (Proctor & Gamble's 1994 loss of $102 million, Barings Bank's 1995 loss of $1.3 billion, and the Belgian government's 1997 loss of $1.2 billion) are accompanied by analyses of where they went...