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Craig E. Aronoff, John L. Ward Francois M. de Visscher

Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and Liquidity in the Family Business

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ISBN: 0965101177
Издательство: Business Owner Resources
If a family-owned company is to endure and provide the maximum potential opportunity for future generations, it must plan for provision of both adequate shareholder liquidity and sufficient business capital. Many believe their options are limited: restrict money available to the family; sell the business; or go public. Rather than allowing financial pressures to destroy the family business, careful planning and sophisticated use of the growing collection of financial techniques can help the familyretain business control and make wise choices among many available alternatives. Francois deVisscher, one of the nation's leading authorities on family business finance, joins Drs. Aronoff and Ward in producing this volume. Financing Transitions: Managing Capital and Liquidity in The Family Business is a guide to: * anticipating and managing capital and liquidity needs; * understanding how the "Family Effect" can be a family business' greatest asset--or its greatest threat; *...