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Alson R. Martin

Limited Liability Company & Partnerships Answer Book

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ISBN: 0735516774
Издательство: Aspen Publishers
For most companies, doing business as a limited liability company or partnership offers significant benefits. Limited Liability Company & Partnership Answer Book's easy-to-read Q&A format makes clear and accessible both the legal rules and important business decisions regarding LLCs. With more than 300 authoritative answers, you'll understand how to: * Custom design an LLC or LLP that provides liability protection to principals and agents-and one-time taxation of revenue * Weigh the pros and cons of converting your business to a LLC or LLP * Capitalize on the operational, tactical, and strategic advantages of converting to a LLC or LLP * Ensure compliance with the IRS and avoid "double taxation" of revenues * Set up accurate and efficient tax and accounting systems. Plus, this practical handbook contains a state-by-state listing of statutory provisions regarding structure and organization; registration procedures and filing fees; a comparison chart of the LLC,...