Обложка книги Practical Speculation

Practical Speculation


ISBN: 0471443069; 5-9614-0334-3; 9780471443063;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 507
Формат: Суперпереплет + твердая обложка

Praise for PRACTICAL SPECULATION "This is a wonderful book. Victor Niederhoffer and Laurel Kenner probably know more about short-term movements than anyone else. Their knowledge, based on sophisticated analysis of their unique database, underlies the findings in this book?an invaluable guide for speculators." ?James H. Lorie, Eli B. and Harriet B. Williams Professor Emeritus of Business Administration Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago "A Rabelaisian romp downWall Street. Always taking the unconventional course, this book is fearless and occasionally shocking, but always the conclusions are backed up by supporting numbers. It leaves no sacred cow unskewered. Bold analogies and clever insights spill from its pages. Recommended to those seeking both fun and profit." ?Richard Zeckhauser, Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University "A fascinating read, one that will both entertain and educate." ...

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