Обложка книги Recent Trends in Valuation : From Strategy to Value

Recent Trends in Valuation : From Strategy to Value


ISBN: 0470850299;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

An optimal financial policy requires a strategy of value creation. This is translated into value-based management in a strategic decision-making and management model that focuses on maximising company value, and which therefore is essential for every company. Recent Trends in Valuation provides both a clear and understandable analysis of the various valuation techniques and their recent refinements, and the use of option theory in valuation. The practical applications of the various methods are discussed and placed within a strategic and integrated framework. Recent Trends in Valuation outlines the advantages and disadvantages of various valuation techniques; contains contributions from leading experts in the fields of valuation and real options; includes an extensive lecture by Tom Copeland on 'real options'; follows past, current and potential future valuation techniques, and discusses current trends in this...