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Alexandra Reed Lajoux, J. Fred Weston

The Art of M&A: Financing and Refinancing: Sources and Instruments for Growth

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ISBN: 0-07038-303-0
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 458
The expansion of a business through merger or acquisition involves experience. Wisdom. The ability to envision how two or more combined companies can equal far more than the sum of their parts. It also involves, more often than not, the use of "other people's money." The Art of M&A: Financing and Refinancing tells you how to obtain and repay that money, taking the complex, technical aspects of M&A finance and making them clear, understandable, and applicable to your situation. This comprehensive reference handbook points you to all the facts, figures, names, and places you need to finance your next deal. Unique in that it concentrates solely on the most fundamental component of the M&A transaction and money. The Art of M&A: Financing and Refinancing provides clear-headed advice and guidance on: The key financial sources and instruments you can use for any kind of deal; How to select the most appropriate type of financing...