Обложка книги The Book of Risk

The Book of Risk


ISBN: 0471323780;
Издательство: Wiley

Praise for The Book of Risk "Failure to read and to heed Borge on risk is an unacceptable risk."?Charles S. Sanford, Retired Chairman of the Board and CEO, Bankers Trust New York Corporation and Bankers Trust Company "The essential concepts of risk set forth in clear language and an engaging manner. Dan Borge demonstrates the use of tools for decision making in uncertainty with intuitive examples and broad application."?Clinton Lively, Managing Director, Corporate Risk Management, Merrill Lynch "Would you like a systematic way to make decisions whose risky outcomes can damage your well-being? Have you been out of school long enough so that you want the answers and not the theories? The Book of Risk brings the scientific tools of risk management to intelligent investors using Strunk and White?s crisp and clear writing style."?Professor Alan C. Hess, School of Business, University of Washington "Dan Borge?s The Book of Risk provides clear...

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