Обложка книги The Timid Corporation : Why Business is Terrified of Taking Risk

The Timid Corporation : Why Business is Terrified of Taking Risk

ISBN: 0470843683; 9780470843680;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

'This book provides a much needed critical intervention in the governance and risk management mania that has characterised corporate regulation in the past ten years. Benjamin Hunt challenges us to reinterpret the mantras of brand management, customer focus, stakeholder dialogue, shareholder value and many more as products of an anxious society populated by defensive corporations, fearful of markets and led by empty political systems. The Timid Corporation is refreshingly provocative, and offers atimely reminder of the paradox of corporate regulation in the post-Enron world which can never restore trust. This book is essential reading for managers, politicians and academics concerned with the consequences of a culture of corporate risk aversion for genuine innovation." Michael Power, P.D. Leake Professor of Accounting, and Co-Director, ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics

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