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Cliff Conneighton

Venture Management Handbook: An Entrepreneur's Practical Guide to Stock, Finance and Contracts

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ISBN: 0972167102
Издательство: Venturebooks
The brand new, highly-acclaimed Venture Management Handbook tells an entrepreneur or the management team of any company how to raise money, avoid trouble and manage to profitability -- even in the post-crash, post-Enron economy. And at the end of the day, make sure there is something left for themselves. Sample topics include: ? Valuations ? VC terms and preferences ? VC structure ? exactly how they make money ? Business plans for you and for VCs ? Accounting 101 for a manager (not an accountant) ? Accurate sales forecasting ? What executives need to know about accounting ? Cash flow forecasting, management and reporting ? Deciding what to measure ? How to work with investment banks ? Protect your precious cash from crafty creditors ? Good vendor contract terms ? Convertible notes and bridge loans ? Borrowing on assets or receivables ? What to...