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Big Trends in Trading: Strategies to Master Major Market Moves

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ISBN: 0471412694
Издательство: Wiley
Praise for Big Trends In Trading "Price combines the sciences of contrarian investing, technical analysis, and option valuation in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner. He has always been well known for his thorough and accurate research, and he shows why in Big Trends in Trading. Serious traders will benefit from reading this book." ?Lawrence G. McMillan, President of McMillan Analysis Corp. "Price Headley takes a dynamic view of such popular indicators as sentiment and volatility because he knows that the markets are not static but are always changing, and he shows you how to change with them. In addition, he tests the majority of his work and shows the success rates. A rare combination, and a must read for new and experienced traders alike." ?Thom Hartle, President of Market Analytics, Inc. (www.thomhartle.com) "This book should prove to be valuable reading for all technically oriented traders and investors. By emphasizing the...