Обложка книги Cool News About Retail: From Warhol To Wal-mart

Cool News About Retail: From Warhol To Wal-mart

ISBN: 0595306411;
Издательство: iUniverse

"The people who have the best fame are those who have their name on stores. The people with very big stores named after them are the ones I'm really jealous of." --Andy Warhol "Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore the conventional wisdom." --Sam Walton What's So Cool About Retail? Television advertising may dominate marketing's awards programs, and new media its flavor-of-the-month hyperbole. But it is retail that truly is the coolest platform for building brands today. The reason is simple: The retail store is the only medium in which marketing and sales can happen simultaneously. Meaning: Retail is not only bursting with creative marketing potential, it is also inherently accountable for sales results. In Cool News About Retail: From Warhol to Wal-Mart , Tim Manners of Reveries Magazine tells 92 stories about innovative retailers, and shines a light on the sales and marketing opportunities they present.

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