Обложка книги Financial Analyst's Indispensible Pocket Guide

Financial Analyst's Indispensible Pocket Guide

ISBN: 0071361561; 9780071361569;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
Страниц: 218

Financial Analyst’s Indispensable Pocketguide is the first reference to give the more than 20,000 candidates who take AIMR-administered CFA exams annually—and the 60,000-plus CFAs and finance professionals who currently practice investment management—a single broad-based resource for specific terminology and information. Much more than just a dictionary, this dynamic book explains and expands upon the fundamental concepts that comprise a financial analyst’s lexicon.Within each section, Ramesh arranges fundamental terms alphabetically, then provides CFA-related tips and profiles of industry leaders. Key topics include: *Timeless tips for CFA candidates and practitioners *Graphics and mnemonics to help with important concepts *Derivatives, equity valuation, and portfolio management

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