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Kate Lister, Tom Harnish

Finding Money : The Small Business Guide to Financing (Small Business Series)

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ISBN: 0471109843, 9780471109846
Издательство: Wiley
Expert advice on getting the best possible financing for your business This extraordinary guide answers one of the most urgent questions facing small business owners and entrepreneurs today: how can I get the financing I need on the best possible terms? Finding Money offers a fortune in inside information and practical advice on who has the money, how they operate, and how you can convince them to lend you money or invest in your business. You'll profit from the authors' experiences in banking, investing, and business ownership as you learn: What's available: detailed guidance on a whole spectrum of financing sources, including private investors and venture capital funds, banks and finance companies, leasing companies, SBA loans and other government programs, and many more How to apply for a loan: what to include in a loan proposal, what criteria are used to evaluate a loan request (including the new method of Credit Scoring), how loans are commonly structured, and...
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