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Rod Hoagland

Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies

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ISBN: 0971597502
Издательство: Quicksilver CFO Consulting
Funding & Financial Execution for Early-Stage Companies answers every entrepreneur?s key questions · How does an early-stage company influence investor interest and valuation? · What key business elements drive the financial plan - do they validate your business model? · How should entrepreneurs plan for and target venture capital to achieve maximum success? · What alternatives to equity capital exist for early-stage companies - how are they useful? · What is the impact of dilutive financial terms buried within a term sheet? · What is "due diligence" and how do you avoid becoming a "tech wreck" during the process? · How do you spend your cash resources for human capital (your largest expense item) wisely? · How are options effectively used to maximize value? · What are the basics of a pragmatic but effective internal control structure? · What other common execution pitfalls confront...