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Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov: Novels 1955-1962: Lolita / Pnin / Pale Fire

Обложка книги Nabokov: Novels 1955-1962: Lolita / Pnin / Pale Fire

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ISBN: 1883011191
Издательство: Library of America
Год издания: 1996
Страниц: 904
The second in Library of America 's three-volume collection of Vladimir Nabokov's novels, Novels 1955 - 1962 contains his most acclaimed and popular works. The short, often anthologized Pnin is included, as is Pale Fire , Nabokov's most elaborate fictional joke: it's a novel masquerading as a 999-line poem accompanied by a professorial pedant's extensive annotations. But this deluxe volume is most valuable for its inclusion of Lolita alongside the screenplay that Nabokov wrote for Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick's film is quite different from the version Nabokov intended, and , Novels 1955 - 1962 offers the opportunity to compare Lolita 's two Nabokovian incarnations with Kubrick's film and with the recent, very controversial movie directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Jeremy Irons.