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Dale C. Maley

Index Mutual Funds: How to Simplify Your Financial Life and Beat the Pro's

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ISBN: 0966705203
Издательство: Artephius Publishing
Many new investors are shocked to discover there are over 8,000 different mutual funds to choose from! How do you know which fund to pick? Once you pick a fund, how do you know how well it is performing? Do you have to spend a lot of time learning about investing? This book answers all of these questions and more. It shows how regular people can simplify their investment life and beat the pro's results. Jill is a new investor who knows she must start investing for her daughter's education and her retirement. Jill turns to her nephew, a Business Major, and to William the friendly Finance Professor for advice. With the help of her friends, Jill learns how to invest to meet her long term goals using index funds. This entertaining book will help you to simplify your investment life and help you to achieve your long term financial goals.