Обложка книги McGraw-Hill's Interest Amortization Tables

McGraw-Hill's Interest Amortization Tables


ISBN: 0070196966;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

McGraw-Hill's Interest Amortization Tables is the versatile, easy-to-use loan-table reference homebuyers, borrowers, and lenders have been looking for. The main tables cover loans up to $300,000 for up to 30 years, and at rates of 5% to 20%. Extensively revised and updated from the previous edition, this edition now adds jumbo loans to the main table, and features timely new sections on adjustable rate mortgages, balloon payment loans, bi-weekly payment loans, and prepaying loans. Plus­­it provides all the necessary data for calculating all amounts and terms not covered in the tables. Inside you'll find: Clear-cut, practical instructions A glossary of frequently used terminology Illustrative model cases New examples not found in the previus edition McGraw-Hill's Interest Amortization Tables will swiftly guide even the most inexperienced users to quick solutions for their pressing loan questions.

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