Обложка книги Professional Electronic Trading

Professional Electronic Trading


ISBN: 047082073X; 9780470820735;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Professional Electronic Trading examines the concepts, technical architecture, recent developments, and future opportunities in the new and expanding field of "direct access" electronic markets. It provides a comprehensive coverage of electronic market models, exchange platforms and networks, while describing ways in which professional electronic traders make money. The book covers topics on new product formation, operational challenges, networks, regulation, clearing and settlement, the Internet and prospects for the future development of a worldwide trading culture using electronic exchange platforms. Professional Electronic Trading will provide financial industry participants and sophisticated investors with an invaluable insight into the way that professional traders are currently taking advantage of these revolutionary digital marketplaces and sets them up for the future; a future with shockingly different rules! This is one of the few books that deals directly with the...

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