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Soren S. Nielsen

Programming Languages and Systems in Computational Economics and Finance (Advances in Computational Economics, 18)

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ISBN: 1402071396
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The developments within the computationally and numerically oriented areas of Operations Research, Finance, Statistics and Economics have been significant over the past few decades. Each area has been developing its own computer systems and languages that suit its needs, but there is relatively little cross-fertilization among them yet. This volume contains a collection of invited, peer-reviewed papers that each highlights a particular system, language, model or paradigm from one of the computational disciplines, aimed at researchers and practitioners from the other fields. The 15 papers cover a wide range of relevant topics; Models and Modelling in Operations Research and Economic (Matt Saltzman; Pere Gomis-Porqueras and Alex Haro; Jerome Kruiser; Don Shobrys), novel High-level and Object-Oriented approaches to programming (Jurgen Doornik; Chris Birchenhall; Christopher Baum; Tim Hultberg), through advanced uses of Maple and MATLAB (Des Higham and Peter Kloeden; Ric Herbert, Jerzy...