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Robert Fischer

The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook: Step-by-step exercises to help you master The New Fibonacci Trader

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ISBN: 0471092177
Издательство: Wiley
The New Fibonacci Trader Workbook allows you to practice the innovative techniques and strategies associated with becoming a "new" Fibonacci trader?without suffering the real-world consequences of mistiming the markets and losing valuable capital. Robert Fischer familiarizes you with the ins and outs of utilizing new Fibonacci trading tools and brings you up-to-speed on how computer graphics and calculation technology have changed the way the "new" Fibonacci trader tackles the markets. The NewFibonacci Trader Workbook offers a wealth of practical exercises that will help further your understanding, as well as test and apply what you?ve learned. This indispensable, hands-on companion to The New Fibonacci Trader reviews the most critical aspects of trading within the "new" Fibonacci framework, including: Fibonacci Summation Series Corrections and extensions PHI-channels PHI-ellipses PHI-spirals ...