Обложка книги Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis

Travel Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis

ISBN: 0521781639; 978-0-52178-163-3;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

People around the world spend at least one trillion dollars on travel each year. Travel and tourism comprise the world's largest industrial sector and employ over 300 million people, nearly one-tenth of the global work force. In this path-breaking book Harold L. Vogel examines the business economics of each of the segments of the travel industry, comprised of airlines, cruises, railroads, buses, automobiles, hotels, casinos, amusement and theme parks, and tourism. The result is a concise, up-to-date reference guide for financial analysts, economists, industry executives, and teachers and students interested in the economics, finance, and marketing of travel-related goods and services in the United States and overseas. A glossary, "time-line" diagrams, and technical appendices enhance the book's appeal as a reference tool. Its fully integrated assessment of the business of travel makes the work unique in the marketplace. Harold L. Vogel is author of the highly successful...