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Guido J. Deboeck, Teuvo Kohonen, Guido Deboeck

Visual Explorations in Finance: With Self-Organizing Maps (Springer Finance)

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ISBN: 3540762663
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
Self-organizing maps (SOM) have proven to be of significant economic value in the areas of finance, economic and marketing applications. As a result, this area is rapidly becoming a non-academic technology. This book looks at near state-of-the-art SOM applications in the above areas, and is a multi-authored volume, edited by Guido Deboeck, a leading exponent in the use of computational methods in financial and economic forecasting, and by the originator of SOM, Teuvo Kohonen. The book contains chapters on applications of unsupervised neural networks using Kohonen's self-organizing map approach.