Обложка книги The Book on Management

The Book on Management

ISBN: 0789025019;
Издательство: Haworth Press

Book DescriptionEnhance your effectiveness as a manager in any organization! The Book on Management is a step-by-step description of what management really is?and what it is not. This book describes in detail the processes of hiring the best employees, building and empowering teams, and creating an ideal environment and organizational structure where employees can achieve personal fulfillment. With real-world examples and applications, this resource will be your guide to understanding what makes one manager superior to another and the skills and tactics you?ll need to best get the job done. From the historic development of the management position to a 90-day tactical plan for organizational change, this handy tool encompasses the totality of management. Useful for executives as well as neophytes, this book examines the three inseparable areas of successful management?its foundations, its functions, and intangibles such as leadership and motivation?that...

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