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Thomas John Quigley

How to Beat the High Cost of Health Care : the "Total Benefits" Strategy

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ISBN: 0595342434
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Book Description How to Beat the High Cost of Health Care shows business owners how to save up to 50% on health care costs without cutting benefits. It can work for firms from one employee to 1,000. Learn why costs are going up, and why it?s important to have a unique strategy tailored to your own company. Discussion why the ?Total Benefits? strategy is better than a health savings account. A step-by-step illustration of the ?Total Benefits? strategy provides instructions on how to not let soaring health care costs threaten your organization?s financial security. Detailed tax code resources provide invaluable reference for those implementing the ?Total Benefits? strategy . If you think it costs too much to stay healthy?you?re right?it does cost too much! The good news is that it doesn?t have to?if you have a better strategy. Take a look, and see how it can work for you!...
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