Обложка книги Research in Finance, Volume, Volume 21 (Research in Finance)

Research in Finance, Volume, Volume 21 (Research in Finance)

ISBN: 0762311614;
Издательство: JAI Press

Book DescriptionA total of eleven papers in this volume represent recent research on important topics in finance. The contributions include analyses of issues relating to asset prices, the behavior of stock returns, and capital-raising activities. Hodges, et al. employ stochastic dominance arguments to show that the efficiency of time diversification depends on the degree of autocorrelation in security returns. In their study of the announcement effects of ninety-three minority equity investments, Chan, et. al. find a neutral stock price response on average for acquiring firms but a significantly positive response for selling firms. Nguyen, et al. provide evidence on the returns structure of U.S. information technology stocks surrounding the bursting of the internet bubble in early 2000. In a study of the informational effects of auditor reputation, Godby and Mahar, Jr. find that implied volatilities for firms audited by Andersen have increased relative to those for firms audited by...