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Barbara Rockefeller, Barbara Rockefeller

The Global Trader: Strategies for Profiting in Foreign Exchange, Futures and Stocks

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ISBN: 0471435856
Издательство: Wiley
TRADE THE WORLD WITH CONFIDENCE "Barbara Rockefeller brings the authority and perspective of a knowing insider to this well-written account of the risks and opportunities in trading highly leveraged markets like interbank currencies and futures." ?Nelson Freeburg, Editor, Formula Research, Inc. Face it, the U.S. stock market has been analyzed to death. Long- and short-term investors are looking outside domestic markets to enhance portfolio performance and diversify the way they trade. This is why the concept of a global trader has become so prevalent. Whether you are looking to balance your portfolio, generate profits, or hedge risk, The Global Trader can help you make informed decisions about your global investments. Let Barbara Rockefeller unlock the opportunities and help you find the tools, guidance, and resources to make the most of trading in the less efficient yet potentially more profitable global markets of Europe, Asia, and beyond. ...