Обложка книги Arab Investment in the United States

Arab Investment in the United States

ISBN: 0910436010;
Издательство: Conway Publications

This book is of background interest for those who do business in the Arab world or who study development in the Middle East. During the early 1970s the Mid-East oil boycott and the resulting energy crisis commanded attention of businessmen everywhere. This was the beginning of an increased awareness of the global importance of the oil-producing nations. It has become increasingly obvious that the nations of the Arab world are not merely a source of fuel. They are a resurgent and vital political force, a major financial re source, as well as a cultural influence based upon centuries of artistic and intellectual development. Of more specific interest to U.S. executives, the Arab countries have emerged as an important source of capital for investment in new projects and partners for joint ventures of many types. It is this trend which is the subject of this report. Historically, the U.S. has exported money to less developed nations, for both material and altruistic...