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Robert R. Trippi, Jae K. Lee

Artificial Intelligence in Finance & Investing: State-Of-The-Art Technologies for Securities Selection and Portfolio Management

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ISBN: 1557388687
Издательство: Irwin Professional Publishing
Artificial intelligence is one of Wall street's most promising new technologies. Used to assist investment decision-making, artificial intelligence systems can handle more information, react more quickly and make more consistent decisions than a group ofhuman experts. In Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing, Robert Trippi and Jae Lee thoroughly explain how artificial intelligence systems can help to improve investment returns. Completely updated, this edition also includes sections on neuralnetwork and case-based reasoning. Practical and filled with real-life examples, the book provides all the information a financial professional needs to understand and evaluate an artificial intelligence system. For investors who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investing will be a must read. Highlights include: overview of artificial intelligence in invesment management; components of an artificial intelligence system; portfolio...